May 11, 2009


one of my greatest struggles in my journey with lyme, as i have waited for healing, is trusting God with His timing.
i know that his timing is perfect...
from my perspective, it has been and is an agonizingly long wait
filled with grief, desperation, disparity
despair and hope so intricately intwined

i first wrote about this challenge in Dec 2007

as this journey goes, those emotions are still with me today. some days more than others.

today is one of those days

Jen and I

at 8am this morning, my dear friend Jen will be wheeled into surgery, to undergo a 5-7 hour operation to remove her cancerous kidney tumor
and me
well, i'll be on my way to the airport to catch my flight to SF to see DR H.

from my perspective that is BAD timing

despite the fact that Jen totally understands and actually told me it made her happy to know that i will be working on my recovery, i was devastated to learn that i will be gone, far away from her as she faces one of the biggest, scariest times in her life.

away away away
why why why
i have cried and questioned
it has truly broken my heart

i don't know why
but i do know that God knows
i don't understand why
but i know that God does

and i know i have to trust him, seek him, praise him
relinquish my futile attempts to control the timetable

"i praise you in advance for the part these difficult and painful things are going to play in your good plan for us - in eventual deliverance and growth and fruitfulness. i'm grateful that in all these things, the battle is not mine but yours....and the final chapter has not yet been written. Thank you that these trials force me to trust you more!

you are a God who acts on behalf of the one who puts his hope in you. thank you that you are at work to answer my prayers in your good way and time. thank you for the past victories you have won in my loved ones' lives and for the victories we will yet see in the future.

i praise you that as time goes by, in new ways you will show us your goodness in the land of the living."

(quoted from "31 Days of Praise" by Ruth Myers)

i am so grateful that He graced me with supernatural strength
so that i could spend a special evening with Jen and some of our dearest and OLDEST (tee hee) friends

a time of laughter, prayer and tears

Jen, although a Canadian, may very well be Barack Obama's greatest supporter. and so it was only natural that we give her an 'obama' inspired anti-cancer party

And so "The OBAMA Campaign" was born:

Oh God

"the campaign box"

"contents of the campaign box"

FYI: Orange is not Obama's favorite color (at least not to my knowledge)
but it is the Kidney Cancer Awareness color




please, please keep Jen and her family in your prayers

You can get updates on Jen by Clicking Here


Anonymous said...

Hey Shan!
just spent the evening catching up on your journey... so often i have begged the Father to heal you NOW! an amazing miracle... "what a testimony!" LOL! Yesterday, I noticed your "depth"- your wisdom and powerful faith and prayers... and you blessed us all. I guess I'd say we all sure didn't wish for these journies... but we wouldn't trade who we are today and still becoming. I admire you and weep for you. May there be good news this trip! hugs and prayers, cb :)

Becky said...

You guys are such AWESOME friends! It's good to see that you're all there for each other after so many years!!! You all look GREAT!! Thinking of you Shannon in SF and you Jen fighting cancer!! xoxo Becky