May 13, 2009


Spent a LONG afternoon at DR Hs today.

He's pleased with my progress however it is VERY S-L-O-W...and this he is frustrated with. i'm with him on that.

he feels my progress is so very slow b/c my body is very poor at eliminating the endotoxins that are produced from the bugs dying.

basically the bugs, both the LIVE ones and the DEAD ones are a major problem for me. how ironic. those darn bugs, eh?

my babesia infection continues to be of greatest concern...and along with the toxic effects of the babesia dying off is causing my shortness of breath, vision problems, arthritis, myalgias and headaches and neurological deficits.

upon exam my nervous/nruological systems are of major concern with DR H stating several tmes "this is bad. very bad."

but i shall remember that overall i have been doing so much better.
jsut so happens that right now i am not so hot.
pretty bad
i have steadily declined since we got here on monday
i haven't been this bad in at least several weeks...severe nite sweats and pain so bad i'm not getting more than 4 hours of sleep....
so DR H is not seeing me at my best, right...yup....

i left my apointment with him with a total of 5 NEW prescriptions....mostly to drugs to fight the babesia

of the 5, i will be seeing a return of mepron to my treatment protocol.
and i cringe at facing this drug again (even DR H cringed onmy behalf and apologized)
mepron produces death defying herxes

so there's more but i'm just too tired and too sore
and i supose somewhat discouraged

not so much from the appointment, i don'thtinkg, more to do with just feeling so terribly rotten...i had pretty big expectations for this trip....was really hoping that this time would feel like a 'vacation' and we'd be able to do a few 'touristy' things....can u believe i couldn't even handle being in Target??? I mean seriously, target, I love target and i didn't WANT to be in Target!

but yuo know, tomorrow is another day...we are planning on takng a little drive up the coast to have a visit with Marie. i'm really looking forward to seeing her and the beautiful california coastline.


Carelin said...

Hi Shannon
This is a big diappointment . I was so wishing you would be able to enjoy some "fun time" in SF. I will pray for a relief of the symptoms today so you can dance in the sun.Love you Mom

Renee said...

Hi Shannon
I am sorry you are feeling so bad right now...and that you have to hit the babs again with mepron, but so glad you have such a good doctor. That has to be a relief, I know it is for me. I am taking mepron and Zithro (oral)right now and Doxy every other week. All my body can handle and for now only every other week on mepron. Hoping to up that in June but it does cause awful herxing, doesn't it.
My prayers are that for a window of time you can enjoy the coastline and visit with your friend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

Praying for you!


naomi said...

Hi shannon
I am sorry you are not having a great trip, I see a spirit of a warrior in you shannon. I am thinking of you and your family and just want to say that I love you all. my prayer are with you girl,and with graham and the kids.
GO WARRIOR GO FIGHT,and when you can't the big guy up in the sky will for you love you