May 15, 2009

Sleepless in Pain in San Fran

Yesterday we spent on the coast near Half Moon Bay. Very pretty area, great pizza at a joint called "It's Italia".

Not a good day otherwise. Shannon is feeling like crap again, and it's dreadful. She's in a ton of pain. No sleep either.

We both anticipated that this visit to San Francisco would be more enjoyable with her recent upswing of energy. However, something has returned with a vengeance.

What exactly might that be? Who really knows... maybe that we ran out of Alinia - that has been back-ordered, and will be at least another week.

Then again, it might not be just that. She's dreading the flight back home this evening. And the days that follow...

Frustrating, and waiting for this pain to go away. Pray for, and keep praying for her.

- Graham

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Anonymous said...

Shan- i hope your flight home was smooth. I am so sorry to hear of your pain and the disappointment of this trip. i cry out to God for you. hugs- chrisB :)