May 8, 2009


"The Fashionista"

So the advent of my recent progress has gifted me with the ability to take Avery to school.
as in walk her to school.
yup from my front door to her school is only a 100 meters...however for most of this school year i have been unable to negotiate that "staggering" distance

and now i am able to do it.
and on a good week, i'm able to do it a couple times.
and its a big deal.
for her. for me. for the whole family.

being on iv roughly 3.5 hours a day means that sometimes my IV bag must chaperon our little walk.
the first couple of times that happened, i truly felt like a spectacle. but being gifted with the ability to take my daughter to school easily won out over my embarrassment.

fortunately i can leave my iv pole at home.
but i am definitely a site for sore eyes...even though Avery doesn't start school until 12:30PM, it has been such a stretch to just get myself out the door that i have made that 100 yard dash IN my pajammas. on more than one occasion. okay. actually most of the time.
here i come world...bedraggled and haggard, iv tubing slung over my shoulder, toting my big old bag of zithro with as much grace and dignity as possible.
and hoping against all hope that no one notices.
yet feeling like i have the biggest, brightest spotlight pinned on me.

and then it happened one day.
from across the parking lot came the loudest, cheekiest shriek i have ever heard,

"Hey Shannon! Is that bag Prada or Gucci?"

and with that question
all embarassment evaporated and i laughed and laughed.
laughed like i haven't in a long time

in that moment, my friend Tammy made me feel like a million bucks

and today, i am so excited to be well enough to head to Avery's class for a special Mother's Day party

my only dilemma?

co-ordinating my outfit with my bag!

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