December 18, 2009



please be advised that a flood warning has been issued for the city of Richmond. The weather system, aptly named "Sobbing Shannon" moved in earlier this week. it rapidly built in intensity this morning, is continuing to build and shows no signs of drying up anytime soon. Some special Secret Santas and a few elves and the McNeely School faculty, students and their families have been isolated as the cause of origin for this unexpected overflow of precipitation.

stay tuned to this network as we follow this cleansing storm front. yes, untold blessings of great proportion have rained down on us here this week. untold blessings that will be told...just as soon "Sobbing Shannon" has sopped herself up and absorbed it all.
quite frankly, it will be a challenge to adequately express or articulate the avalanche of emotion held within the heart of this sobbing storm.

until that happens, all "Sobbing Shannon" can blubber is a humble "THANK YOU" and send out heartfelt showers of gratitude and thankfulness for the overwhelming support and outpouring of generosity of so many.


Bev said...

You are not alone - you never have been. I laugh and cry each time I read about your incredible journey. I'm so glad you now get to see how much support you have and how many souls are sending out their love to you. Merry Xmas from the UK. x

Renee said...

Sending gentle hugs your way as you walk through this storm.....I am amazed it took so long to show up with all you have gone through...God bless.....