December 8, 2009


Hi again

Today, we rested and stayed at our hotel until 2pm. Then we drove to San Francisco. First we went to the Golden Gate bridge. We drove across it then we walked half way across then back. well, I rolled across it.

We went to a place called Rodeo Cove.

It had the biggest waves I have ever seen!

After we went to Fisherman's Wharf. There was a candy shop and we got all kinds of salt water taffy. We saw sea lions keeping their cub warm. Of course, my mom said it was so cute! After we spent about an hour looking for a restaurant called Max's but our GPS unit (we call him Mortimer) kept on taking us somewhere else :( . We nearly starved to death because of Mortimer.
FINALLY at Max's - no thanks to Mortimer!

Bye for now,

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Renee said...

I enjoy reading your mom's posts very much and now I can add yours to the list, Parker.
You all are in my prayers.