December 8, 2009


today, we saw more of SF than we ever have before. actually we have only ever even made it in to see the city of san fran on one trip (ironically, our first) and then almost all of it was experienced through the windows of the car.

today was different. i was well enough to be able to experience the sights and sounds of san fran with parker. as we were driving over the golden gate bridge, graham suggested we get out and walk across it...

"hokey dinah! you have got to be kidding me! NO WAY!" the fear inside me screamed.

even driving over that bridge makes my stomach flip-flop. so the mere thought of walking on it, alongside the very, very short railing that seperates me from the great deep blue yonder way, way, way below. forgeddabout it!! - i can't even begin to explain how grossly that unnerves me. however one of the gifts that lyme has given me is to be concious of not letting fear be the reason behind not doing something. i have spent way too many weeks and months over the past 3 and half years confined to bed or house and unable to do even simple tasks - let alone experience and live life. so now, if i am able, than i will do it.
so with stomach churning and pulse racing like a car on the track at the indy 500, i walked to the middle of the bridge.

after leaving the bridge behind, we took a wrong turn, and mistakenly happened upon a little beach - with one of the most amazing surf breaks we have ever experienced.

our short walk on the beach really excerbated parker's pain level, so we headed in to Sausalito to rest and warm up with a cup of coffee.
once we were appropriately boosted by the caffeine, we set out for a little tour of fisherman's wharf and pier 39.

The amazing Christmas Tree at Pier 39

i really needed today. as i reflect on it, and contemplate tomorrow's appointment, i am so grateful for our little sight seeing tour. so much of this journey has been based on faith - that is, believing in what cannot be seen. believing that i am beating this disease when so often it has appeared that the disease was winning. believing in God's promise of healing in the face of being diagnosed with a disease at it's 'incurable' stage.

today, i saw a whole lot more than just the sights and sounds of san fran.

"faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."
~ heb 11:1

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