December 10, 2009


This is me in DR H's chair. It's okay...but I'd like it better if it had wheels.

It's Parker... Again.

Yesterday, we went to Dr H's office where my DAD kind of turned into a rooster.

While we were waiting to see DR H, me and my dad made a uh uh... made something out of GIANT lego. (Oh Avery no princess castle but the nurses at DR H's gave me cake and cookies!! ha ha ha)

After my appointment with Dr H, he chased Fluffy Fluffy (my mom) with a needle around all of San Fran (just kidding - but Dr H did give my mom a needle. Gross, I couldn't watch it! My mom had to learn how to do it because she has to start giving needles to herself every 2 days.) After that, my dad got me a slushee (American slushees are gross!) Then we went back the hotel and stayed put. We were so tired because we were at DR H's office for over four hours!

So, this morning, my mom made me do homework again. :(

This afternoon we visited my mom and dad's friends from Richmond. Their daughter has lyme and they have to live in San Fran right now so that DR H can treat her. After we went to a place called Half Moon Bay for pizza. They have the best pizza ever there!

Unfortunately... I didn't feel so well. My joints hurt really bad and I had a hard time breathing and I felt really nauseous. so the pizza came but I couldn't eat it. I just had to lie down in the restaurant. My parents got the pizza to go when that happened so I'll be able to have my pizza for lunch for tomorrow. When we got back to the hotel I started blogging.

Tomorrow we have to go to a special lab so I can have some more tests done. After that, we will be flying home.
I hope to see you all at school on Monday afternoon.

Bye for now,

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