December 15, 2009


some where in san fran another fluffy-fluffy exists...
we found the hairball that proves it.

hairball sighting in a parking lot by the Golden Gate Bridge.
it is really, really, really gross that we would photograph it.
i totally agree.

but, if you can stomach it,
think about it for just a minute.

what are the chances of finding a hairball in some random parking lot?
only in our world would that happen.
which made this an event that was far too ironic for us to not document.

i've recently learned about a slue of new readers to my blog. visitors from my immediate community are reading my blog. i must admit, i am somewhat chagrined to find out who all knows about fluffy-fluffy and her hairballs.

i suppose my semi-embarrassment over this is the reason behind this post. somehow i feel the need to "out" another fluffy-fluffy. after all, our photo is proof that I'm not the only one in the world with hairball issues - i just happen to be the only one to tell the world about it!

so, would the fluffy-fluffy in San Fran please stand up...and take a bow?

be proud fluffy-fluffy's of the world
hairballs unite.


Renee said...

So sorry your hair is still falling out, and hope that gets resolved soon. Your body is traumatized and it seems that just like what happens in a are losing hair because your body is sending you a warning!
Health and healing prayers being lifted for you and Parker!

Marsalie said...

Shannon, I am continually amazed at your honesty and ability to laugh at yourself, despite the many challenges you keep facing. Thank you for being so real!