December 1, 2009


i'm sure most folks are familiar with the K.I.S.S. principle.

K.eep I.t S.imple S.tupid

this is not a principle i have ever applied to Christmas decor. simple? forget it! not even on my radar. overkill? that's more like it! every and any plausible and even implausible surface in our home is adorned... mainly bedecked in a plethora of feathers and fowl.

for the first time ever, i'd rather just "ditto" Christmas. graham is literally pirouetting through the barren landscape of our simplified home. not sure why he is so delighted - oh, that's right. he's not being forced to live in a "chicken coop" this year.

this was the first time in 3 years that i was able to decorate our christmas tree. this is a huge accomplishment! the past couple of years, friends have done it for me. part of me feels sad that i am not in a more celebratory mood about this. after all, that shining tree is a salute to the progress i have made on this long road to recovery i am on. i should be joyful...however my usual exuberance and enthusiasm is lacking. i do not have the energy to summon it forth.

i don't have a bah-humbug bad attitude. no not at all. i am just physically and emotionally drained. i am sad that i don't have the heart to see all things bedecked. truth be told, this year the thought of festooned fowl and glittery feathers prettily strewn about turns my stomach. the thought of looking at and living in all that glorious downy fluff has me feeling like flying the coop rather than nesting.

even my poor crows are experiencing a shut-out like none experienced before.
not sure they'll recover from this shocking turn of events.

the crows were not impressed to find their rightful perch on the kid's Christmas tree
usurped by half-naked teddy bears.
they gathered round, surmising the abomination and planning their revenge.

their plan for revenge was brought up short when,
to their great shock and dismay,
they discovered no place of honor had been saved for them on the designer Christmas tree either. they stupidly stood gawking in stunned silence.
the glory of the home and they were not part of it? surely there must be some mistake

the crows could not believe their misfortune.
they were completely miffed to be shut out from every tree in sight.
"this is a Christmas that will go down in history."
they bitterly huffed with contempt.

yes, my dear birds, this is the Christmas of K.I.S.S

i need simplicity this feels so complicated and crowded and topsy-turvy.

i need space to just breathe.
(listen to BREATH OF HEAVEN)

above all, i need to focus on JOY

J esus
O thers
Y ou

after all, choosing to have true JOY is the key to a simple yet fulfilling life.

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