December 17, 2009


dear makers of the monoject ultra comfort syringes;

just wanted to let you know that labeling your product with the word "comfort" is misleading.
there is nothing 'comfortable', nor remotely 'ultra comfortable' about jabbing a 2 inch needle into your gut. of course, silly me, maybe your label was not meant to be taken literally. possibly your intent in naming your product "ultra comfort" is an attempt to psychologically woo the consumer with the power of suggestion.

whatever the reason, the reality is that i did not experience any level of comfort while using your product. i feel duped.
i can appreciate mind over matter in some instances. but in this circumstance, is it really helpful or necessary to lure the consumer into a false sense of bravado? after all, your ultra comfort product is a sharp metal object that is impaled into soft, delicate and nerve rich flesh. and that, by physiological nature, is and will always be matter what psycho babble you sugar coat it with.

i suggest you give the guys at Buckley's a ring - they seem to know a thing or two about the truth in advertising.


fluffy-fluffy's jelly belly has now endured 3 self inflicted injections. it is a rather curious thing to stick yourself with a needle. really, all in all, it is not so bad. however, fluffy-fluffy definately needs to work on consistency with her technique.
the first injection, she hurt herself and drew blood... before even opening the needle.
the second injection hurt very little but bled a lot.
the third hurt a lot but bled very little.

at least, fluffy-fluffy does not have to suffer alone.
she can always count on having an audience for her injections.
avery has a thing for needles.
always has...

treating LD is hard on the body. for this reason,
i have had weekly blood tests done to monitor my old bod and organs.
2.5 years of weekly lab visits have made the place feel like a second home. avery has been 'accompanying' me since the beginning. now, that she is in full time school it is a little trickier to have her accompany me. she is terribly annoyed with me if i go with out her.

she eagerly anticipates these little outings. go figure. she has a whole routine - she settles herself in beside me and incessantly chats with the nurses while she gets out her snack.
yes. snack.

she insists on eating her snack precisely at the moment they insert the needle.
snack and watch. snack and watch.
she has been doing this since she was 3. as you can imagine,
she is over the moon now that i am injecting at home every other day. she is fascinated by it and insists on watching. actually, she has absolutely forbidden me to inject without her present.

weird kid.
but what do you expect from a kid whose mother refers to herself as fluffy-fluffy.

the results of the injections, aside from aforementioned bloodshed, is that fluffy-fluffy is a little less puffy. the jury is out on whether or not the associated deflation is because the medication is actually working....or more to do with the fact that fluffy-fluffy has sprung a leak now that she resembles a human pin cushion.

time will tell.

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Kara said...

Oh, girl, you'll have it down to a science soon. Injecting myself in the abdomen was never my favorite thing. The nerves in that area are soooo sensitive. Hope it helps and is worth it!