December 7, 2009


meet the goertzens

graham, parker, and Sandeep Gurjit?

this morning, i made it through customs, security and all the way to the boarding gate...with the wrong boarding pass...apparently i look like a Sandeep Gurjit.

Dear Sandeep,

i'm sorry for stealing your identity. it wasn't intentional. it was a terrible error on the ticket agents part. sure, maybe i should have noticed my boarding pass wasn't mine. but i have lyme. it makes my brain pretty foggy. it is not shocking for me to forget who i am. of course, what is shocking, is that the ticket agent, customs agent and security guards all missed it too. maybe they have lyme too.

Shannon what's my name again?

seriously, how could this happen, especially in this day and age of tightened airport security? on top of that, we travel with so many carry on liquid meds and medical supplies that we NEVER pass through security without extra scrutiny and attention. that my boarding pass and passport were at odds is yes, rather funny but also rather alarming... but should it surprise me? trouble seems to follow me (just ask my old co-workers - they will certainly confirm that there was always bound to be some mishap on my work shifts.)

after my identity was sorted out (personally i liked the new name and was somewhat reticent to give it back... but i demurely complied as i figured it was probably best not to add to the drama), the rest of our flight went smoothly.

we boarded first and were seated at the front of the plane to accommodate sparky's mobility issues. this meant that we were front row and center as the other passengers filed by. naturally, that meant graham felt the need to entertain them all with absurd airline humor. naturally, i can't remember any of his cracks but i can confirm that he did garner many laughs - and a few alarmed looks.

the rest of our day went smoothly and without incident.
we were able to check into our hotel early which was a needed bonus after a long travel day.

meanwhile, back home they experienced their own security breach today...

i received the following message from Taylor:

walter warkentin makes another break for freedom

"i'm going to get an advil from downstairs because i have a killer headache...and i hear rustling paper. so i'm thinking someone is in the house and i'm preparing to beat the snot out of the trespasser. so i round the corner, ready to pounce and there is NO ONE there - but i can still hear the rustling. so i check Walter's cage and lo and behold, he got out! but only to have his escape thwarted by a paper bag that was under his cage that he FELL INTO and couldn't get out of. FAIL ESCAPE!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious and Alarming both. My word what a day. I am glad you have resumed your own identity. Hopefully Walter will stay in his own environment for the rest of the week. Take care. Love Betty

Renee said...

Good grief! Makes you wonder about all this security we from?? Gave us all a good laugh though.
You are in my prayers .....