December 6, 2009


i have a friend who has a special gift for picking out the best cards ever. the verse and poem in this posting were in a card i received from her last week. it sure reflects the feelings we have experienced as we traveled the diagnosis roller coaster with parker over these past 3 months:

we ask, "WHY?" and find no reasons.
we ask, "HOW?" and find no solutions.
we ask, "WHERE" and find no direction.

yet, with eyes of faith,
we can see the light of God~
breaking through the darkness,
guiding our way,
renewing our hope
day by day

today (sunday) we will embark on our journey to San Fran. (we're staying overnight in Bellingham, WA and flying out of Bellingham airport early monday morning). there is much emotion attached to this trip. it is difficult to adequately articulate the plethora of emotions washing over me. it is hard to believe that this is a visit necessitated by the illness of one of our children. i remember well our very first trip to SF (dubbed the Lyme Life Flight) and all the apprehension and anxiety that accompanied it; the overwhelming sense of disbelief we felt over the fact that we really had to leave Canada for medical treatment; we worried about navigating through a foreign land and wondered how we would ever pay for it all. so much was unknown yet we felt God's guiding hand upon us and knew we could trust Him with the details.

the 'traditional' border line up photo.
who is that turkey in the back?

that we must now make this trip because one of our children is possibly ill with LD is unfathomable. as we sojourn forth, much of the emotion from our first trip is being relived... along with the tumult of conflicting emotions we feel as we are at odds with what we fear more - finally having a diagnosis or leaving here with none.

however, i know that God goes before us... just as he did before.
we can trust him to guide and direct us this time around too.

"but i'll take the hand of those who don't know the way,
who can't see where they are going.
I'll be a personal guide to them,
directing them though unknown country.
i'll be right there to show them which roads to take,
make sure they don't fall into the ditch.
these are the things i'll be doing for them -
sticking with them not leaving them for a minute."
~ isaiah 42:15-18


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I am so blessed by God's personal guidance and comfort for you all as you continue to follow on in this uncharted journey. You can and do place your hands trustingly in the hand of the Man who stills the water and calms the sea. May God's love continue to hold you close and light your way. Love Betty

Renee said...

Love this post and the verses from Isaiah 42. I now have verses to hold me up that are from Isaiah
40, 41, AND 42!