December 12, 2009


parker is being kept in children's hospital overnite ....

we are back home in canada...we flew in from sf this eve...home for a mere 2 hours before we had to take parker to hospital.we took him in b/c he was in so much pain and drugs he is on were giving him no relief so we took him to hospital hoping that we could get something to help manage his pain better.

er docs have decided to keep him overnite. he'll be seen (again) by rheumatology in morn. feeling like that won't really resutl in anything...but er doc was receptive to suggestion of lyme and said he would order elisa AND the western blot...pls keep us in your prayers. parker just needs some relief. graham has stayed in hospital with him - i'm home to sleep for an hour or two (yah right) and be with avery and taylor (who are sleeping). will head back to hosptial shortly.


Renee said...

Keeping Parker in prayer..for relief from his pain and clear answers for his illnesses. What does Dr. H think??
Poor Parker...he is so young to be suffering so much.

Nonerz said...

I'm praying for Parker, you & your family Shannon. You are a brave soul my dear.